Our Firm Disclaimer:

CVM Ventures is a consultancy. It is not a securities firm; nor is it a member broker/dealer of The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). It is not a direct lender nor does it act as a Placement Agent or Underwriter for an offering of securities. It is not a Registered Real Estate Firm or a member of any Real Estate Regulatory body or organization. CVM affiliates are Registered Real Estate Associate with a Registered Real Estate Firm. 

CVM structures its Client's debt financing according to the parameters of independent, third-party direct lenders with which it has correspondent relationships. It interfaces with its correspondents in order to ensure a successful closing placement of its Client's funding request. 

CVM is a leading full-service consulting firm dedicated to providing innovative, professional financial consulting and Commercial Real Estate Consulting services to emerging growth companies and clients. Our commitment to this segment of the market is unsurpassed and our success is founded on delivering solutions while providing the highest quality service. 

CVM pledges to conduct our business with integrity and fairness, which is our foundation and tradition. Our clients always work directly with our senior executives who have years of experience in the field of Business Development, Marketing, Banking, Real Estate, and Finance. This direct interaction at the highest level assures you perfection. 

Our financial consulting services include Business Consulting and Development, Corporate Imaging as well as Marketing & Advertising. Primarily we deal with companies who have hit a dead end within their own growth potential and companies who need unsecured funding and do not have anywhere to turn. We will strive to become an important component of every client's external corporate communications programs.