Consulting - Capital Advisors Capital Raising Services

CVM Ventures is a corporate financial consulting firm that serves as a strategic corporate financial advisor  to growing private companies.  Our consulting services deliver substantial value for our clients by assisting them with strategy assessment, business planning and evaluation and selection of capital sources and liquidity alternatives.

 CVM advisors use a proven methodology in order to raise capital and negotiate financing terms that satisfy both clients and financial institutions.



Mergers and Acquisitions 

CVM works with teams of Investment Banks who offer value-added advisory services regarding acquisitions and mergers from identifying potential targets to securing the necessary financing to complete your transaction. Our firm has an excellent understanding of the proper placement for an acquisition team. Our focus is to bring you the best IB on transactions in the $25 million to $300 million range. 

An acquisition or merger may be a strategy for your company if:

  • Your company is growth-oriented and is seeking to consolidate a fragmented industry or achieve economies of scale to gain a leadership position.
  • The company desires to expand its product line, customer base, distribution network or geographic reach through the acquisition of a complementary business.
  • You wish to expand your business through vertical integration.
  • Your company wants to accelerate its growth by combining your services with a faster-growing business.



Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Consultants and Financing

CVM Ventures offers a complete range of services on a local, regional, national and international basis to tenants, owners, and investors (EB5 Investors). Our areas of expertise are in Hotels, Hotel Casinos, Mass Property Rollups, Large Land Acquisitions, Commercial Buildings, Inner City Development, Redevelopment of Devastated Areas, Title work and Real Estate Auctions.